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Strikes & Spares is a slice-of-life tabletop roleplaying game with a slightly hard-luck/offbeat tone that’s set in a small-town bowling league. The game centers on a team of misfits who rally together to win the season down at the local bowling alley. The players will take on the role of a single team in a bowling league composed of several other teams, all competing to win the big prize pot at the end of the year. Every player character could really use the prize money, for one reason or another. Along the way, they’ll face the challenge of their despised rival team, The Gutterballs, as well as the rest of the competition, life in general, and their own decisions.

A game about triumphs & failures, with bonds forged over beers & chucking a ball down a dozen meters of polished wood, and doing it all again next week, because what the hell else is there to do in this town after 6PM?

Made for three to five players, plus the GM.

Coming Summer of 2023!

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