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The first volume of Funemployment Quarterly. Ten excellent science-fiction and fantasy tales along the theme of work & free time.

This is for the print edition, which is paperback, printed on sustainably-made & eco-friendly stock.

Featuring short stories from:

Amita Basu

Alex Herstedt

Ben Sheridan

Dennis A. Herb

Eve Morton

Jon Dowdall

Rick Danforth

Jacob Austin

M. Kelly Peach

Derek Des Anges

1 review for Funemployment Quarterly | Spring of Year One | Print

  1. Daniel G. Chou

    I enjoyed Spring of Year one and its varied, diverse stories and locales described. Even in the future there is leisure. From the story of a cricket farmer who does it for fun, to the night watchmen of an asteroid lighthouse who is too excited about their hobby to bother doing their job, I found the different authors to have written well paced short stories that kept my attention. Exploring the minds of the characters and their interesting galactic sets pieces was well done.

    • paperbackwriter

      Thanks for the review, Daniel, we truly appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the stories!

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